Incident Management

Guiding you along the way when you need it most.

Cellnex UK has a 24/7 365 Network Operation Centre (NOC) function to support you with managing issues and incidents associated with your equipment installed on our sites. From Issue and Incident Reporting, Escalations, Interference and Unplanned Power Outages. We here to help.

Issue and Incident Reporting

For general issues and incident reporting, submit a ticket by registering or logging in. For guidance on how to raise a ticket via the Cellnex UK Service Desk refer to the User Guide.

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Our escalation procedures and guidance will help you understand which team within Cellnex your query or escalation should be directed to, from Site Access & Accreditation, Safety, Health or Environment (SHE) and Network Operation Centre (NOC).

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To report interference from another operators equipment, simply fill in the questionnaire below

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Unplanned Power Outages


Scenario 1 - Customer is connected to a Cellnex owned supply

Cellnex NOC will check for local infrmation on outages and if none noted, will mobilise resource to site to diagnose and fix fault


Scenario 2 - Customer is connected to a supply provided by Cellnex's Landlord

Cellnex NOC will check for local information on outages and if none noted, will liaise with Customer and Cellnex's Landlord to resolve in the most efficient way for the circumstances


Scenario 3 - Customer has their own DNO supply

Cellnex NOC can check for local information on outages in the area and provide updates on resolution as provided by the DNO. The customer should liaise directly with the DNO