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  • 14 Nov 2016
  • ·
  • Solutions

Solutions for efficient and sustainable connectivity in the city are main themes set out by Cellnex Telecom at Smart City Expo

Solutions for efficient and sustainable connectivity in the city are main themes set out by Cellnex Telecom at Smart City Expo

  • The company presents its ability to implement connectivity solutions for citizens in a sustainable way, integrating technology in urban fixtures
  • Óscar Pallarols, Director of Innovation and Product Strategy at Cellnex Telecom, will speak at a plenary session on sustainability and resilience in the cities of the future.

Barcelona, November 14th 2016.
Cellnex Telecom is taking part once again at the Smart City Expo & World Congress, the world’s most important meeting on smart cities, held in Barcelona from 15 to 17 November. As in previous years, the company’s main objective is to drive the transformation of urban areas and territories to allow citizens to enjoy higher quality, more efficient and sustainable public services.

In an increasingly urbanised world – in 2020, more than 60% of the population will live in cities – people are looking for new ways to live, work and interact. In this context, Cellnex is helping to develop projects and solutions that can harness the potential of the information and communication technologies (ICT) to monitor and manage public services. Using all of the above, the company helps to optimise the resources, environmental sustainability and operability of urban centres.

The proposals and demonstrations of services that Cellnex Telecom will present at the congress revolve around infrastructures, connectivity, accessibility, mobility and urban resources management.

Connectivity in urban infrastructure for citizens

Cellnex Telecom unveils its connectivity solutions integrating Small Cells and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) in street fixtures. These solutions provide mobile broadband in areas with little reception, such as inside tunnels or buildings, or those with a high population density requiring greater connectivity.

Cellnex Telecom, in collaboration with Siarq, has installed a lamp post in the Smart Plaza inside the Smart City World Congress precinct as a practical example of the possibilities of integrating technological equipment into street fixtures to provide citizens with connectivity and services in a sustainable and efficient way.

Such fixtures then become an optimal “site” for improve connectivity according to the real needs of the city and its inhabitants as well as for telecom operators.


Following the start of work to implement the ambitious CityOS system for the City of Barcelona, which incorporates and makes full use of the Sentilo data capture solution designed previously by Cellnex, the company has continued to develop solutions for various aspects of the smart city: treating public lighting management, urban irrigation management, advanced data management for administrations of Smart Tourist Destinations, inter alia. Since it knows the requirements of local administrations, Cellnex can offer solutions that fully meet the needs of cities and regions (islands, provinces and groups of municipalities).


“IoT” solutions for better management of municipal resources

In this edition of Smart City World Congress, Cellnex Telecom will present its range of solutions based on Internet of Things technology, which uses sensors on elements such as water meters, manhole covers or waste bins to optimise resources and allow them to be managed efficiently. Some of these solutions also allow significant improvements in the care provided to individuals and families with special needs, for whom Cellnex cooperates with various administrations and third sector organisations to provide better assistance to such groups.

Moreover, the company is working with SEAT to demonstrate the connectivity of vehicles on the road by transferring information on available parking spaces to the city.


Plenary session on sustainability and resilience in the city of the future

Óscar Pallarols, Director of Innovation and Product Strategy at Cellnex Telecom, is one of the leading international experts in economics, governance and technology who will take part in the conference organised in parallel to the exhibition area of Smart City Expo & World Congress. Its plenary session (Tuesday, 15 November at 3.15 pm) entitled “Entrenching Sustainability and Resilience Principles: Shaping the Future of Cities” will cover the main ideas on the future of a connected and sustainable society.


Workshops around the creation of the econosystem

At its stand, Cellnex Telecom will hold two sessions focused on sharing needs and solutions to provide a marked improvement in the management of information and services from the perspective of both municipalities and developers.

Raül González Prats, Cellnex Telecom product manager, will set out the possibilities offered by technology for optimising resources and creating a truly sustainable city and will highlight the role of the infrastructure operator as a facilitator for the entire ecosystem involved in designing the city of the future.

Date – 15 November: Time – 12.45 – 13.15

Date – 16 November: Time – 10.45 – 11.15



About Cellnex Telecom

Cellnex is Europe’s leading independent operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure, with a total portfolio of over 16,600 sites. From January to September 2016 Cellnex obtained revenues of € 520 million (+15%) and EBITDA of € 208 million (+18%). Cellnex is present in Italy, Spain, France, Holland and now the UK.

Cellnex classifies its activities into three areas: Mobile telephony infrastructures; audiovisual broadcasting networks; and security and emergency service networks and solutions for smart urban infrastructure and services management (smart cities and the “Internet of Things” (IoT)).

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