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  • 04 Jan 2022
  • ·
  • Sustainability

DT renews Cellnex’s certification as a “Zero Outage Supplier” for the fifth year in a row

In full impact by the Covid-19, Cellnex has been approved once again by the German group in Spain for its quality standards for end-to-end management of the data transmission connectivity service


  • Through the “Zero Outage Supplier” programme, the Deutsche Telekom Group selects and certifies its key providers of connectivity services in each country to act as partners in improving the service to the end customer.
  • Cellnex provides connectivity services to T-Systems, the German group’s company operating in Spain, which has been responsible for performing the type-approval and renewal of the certification process based on the criteria and quality levels set by Deutsche Telekom.


Barcelona, 4 January 2022.- The Deutsche Telekom Group has renewed Cellnex Telecom’s certification as a “Zero Outage Supplier” for the fifth year running, through Rainer Anton Offermann, Head SuperSquad Production Infrastructure & Service Enabling within the Deutsche Telekom Technik GmbH unit.

This certification is part of the German group’s worldwide programme for selecting and certifying their key connectivity service providers in each country, to act jointly as partners in improving the service to their end customer.

The programme sets the German group’s quality standards for its customers based on the operational excellence, security and stability of the systems, monitoring of critical components and reduction / resolution of incidents with availability 24/7 by its key suppliers.

Cellnex Spain Managing Director, Albert Cuatrecasas greatly values the renewal of this certification: “We believe that this new approval as a Zero Outage Supplier by Deutsche Telekom for the fifth year in a row is extremely significant, especially in a year marked again by the impact and extreme difficulties derived from the Covid-19. The demands and prestige of this programme within the sector are very high.” And he thanked the whole team for their efforts: “This is an acknowledgement for a further year of a job well done by the company’s commercial, engineering, deployment and surveillance teams of the connectivity services (link and fibre)”.

Cellnex has been working for Deutsche Telekom in Spain since 2015, providing connectivity services to T-Systems. This company of the German group has been responsible for performing the type-approval and certification process on Cellnex, based on the criteria and quality levels set by Deutsche Telekom.

This type-approval and certification process measures indicators linked to commercial service, compliance with the delivery dates of contracted services, continuity of service, and constant real-time information, scaling, response time and resolution of incidents, to name just a few. It should be underlined that, in accordance with Deutsche Telecom’s requirements, the information, management and resolution of serious incidents affecting service are reported in real time directly to Germany.

T-Systems monitored these indicators throughout 2021 along with the quality of the connectivity service and the level of continuity offered by Cellnex.


About Cellnex Telecom

The efficient deployment of next-generation connectivity is essential to drive technological innovation and accelerate inclusive economic growth. Cellnex Telecom is an independent provider of neutral wireless telecommunications and broadcasting infrastructures, allowing operators to access Europe’s most extensive network of advanced telecommunications infrastructure on a shared-use basis, helping to reduce access barriers for new operators and improve services in the most remote areas.

Cellnex manages a portfolio of more than 130,000 sites – including deployments planned until 2030 – in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Poland. Cellnex’s business is structured in four main areas: services for telecommunications infrastructures, audiovisual broadcasting networks, security and emergency network services, and solutions for the intelligent management of urban infrastructures and services (Smart cities and “Internet of Things” (IoT)).

The company is listed on the continuous market of the Spanish Stock Exchange and is part of the selective IBEX35 and EuroStoxx 100. It is also present in the main sustainability indices, such as CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), Sustainalytics, FTSE4Good, MSCI and Standard Ethics. Cellnex’s reference shareholders include Edizione, GIC, TCI, BlackRock, Canada Pension Plan, CriteriaCaixa, Wellington Management Group, Capital Group, Fidelity and Norges Bank.

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