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  • 17 Jul 2015
  • ·
  • Technology

Cellnex Telecom and SIGFOX promote the “Internet of Things” ecosystem

• Over 80 professionals came together at Cellnex’s headquarters in Madrid to see the advantages afforded by the Internet of Things in their business areas
• Cellnex Telecom has deployed a SIGFOX network with over 1,300 base stations in all manner of settings
• This technology can be developed in a number of different sectors, including healthcare and water management
• Its features allow for low-cost roll-out with guaranteed maintenance

Cellnex Telecom, Europe’s leading independent wireless telecommunications operator, in partnership with SIGFOX, the global connectivity systems provider, held an informative conference featuring a detailed presentation of its Internet of Things (IoT) network, a model of connectivity which links everyday physical objects, such as a water meters, refuse bins or emergency lighting systems, and embeds them in the network.
More than 80 professionals linked to companies developing devices, sensors, apps and platforms responded to Cellnex Telecom and SIGFOX’s invitation to see first-hand the advantages of Spain’s coverage with the SIGFOX Network deployed by Cellnex Telecom.

This network allows the low-cost deployment of a maintenance-guaranteed model which can be accessed in the more than 1,300 base stations installed by Cellnex Telecom, located in all manner of settings. These points already have SIGFOX technology with a significantly higher territorial coverage than in other European countries.
Thanks to this network, products have been developed and already launched on the market, such as the latest generation of Verisure alarms, developed by SECURITAS DIRECT with SIGFOX dual connectivity. Nonetheless, in the future it will be possible to develop many more uses, in sectors such as healthcare, waste and water management, intelligent infrastructure, telecontrol, and many other markets currently under development.

According to Pablo Oliete, Marketing Manager at Cellnex Telecom, “Spanish companies need to take full advantage of Spain having Europe’s largest UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) Network deployed to date under SIGFOX technology”. He added, “Cellnex Telecom aims to help Spanish companies be pioneers in generating business opportunities that until now have been impossible to develop, as there was no UNB coverage, like that offered by our company. That’s why we have organised this conference in partnership with SIGFOX”.

It is estimated that by 2020, over 28 billion objects will be interconnected. With this in mind, the alliance between Cellnex Telecom and SIGFOX aims to provide Spain with a leading role in this process. Gonzalo García, head of IoT Operations at Cellnex Telecom, focuses on locating companies with the capacity to generate solutions and create an ecosystem in which synergies and business volume can be developed. “We are committed to a multi-technology setting with a more efficient transmission model in certain cases, such as SIGFOX’s, based on deployment on a national level.”

About Cellnex Telecom
Cellnex Telecom is the leading independent infrastructure operator for wireless broadcasting telecommunication in Europe.
It has deployed an IoT network in Spain with SIGFOX technology, and it also develops solutions in the field of “smart city” projects. Cellnex Telecom is firmly committed to the development of its network of nearly 15,000 sites through the acquisition of mobile telephony towers and the purchase of the Italian company TowerCo, as well as the creation of the company Galata, positioning Cellnex Telecom in the development of new-generation networks.

It offers a site-leasing service for telecommunications operators and provides highly advanced audiovisual services to broadcasters at local, regional and national levels.
Cellnex Telecom also plays a relevant role in the deployment of radiocommunication networks for security and emergency forces.

SIGFOX is the first and only operator of a cellular network fully dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Its ultra narrow band-based radio technology makes it possible to provide a wide range of devices with long-range, bidirectional wireless connection. Its network breaks down barriers to the implementation of IoT and M2M solutions by offering low bandwidth communication and greatly extending the battery and service life of connected devices.

SIGFOX’s global network is deployed through the SNO (SIGFOX Network Operator™) partnership programme, with more than one million square kilometres already covered. The company’s headquarters are in Labège, France, and it has offices in San Francisco, California, Paris and Madrid.

For further information, visit our website and follow us on Twitter @sigfox.

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