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Accelerating industry 4.0 and digitalisations with Cellnex 4G and 5G private network solutions

Guaranteed connectivity for always-on operations

Cellnex has deployed more private networks than anyone else. Our built-for-purpose logistics networks are helping customers leverage real-time intelligence to monitor assets, optimise processes and eliminate downtime.

How private networks work

See how private networks eliminate coverage and capacity issues, enhance data security, guarantee connectivity and enable round-the-clock operational continuity.

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Explore the use cases

There’s a world of improvement opportunity when people, assets and data are connected in ports, utilities, healthcare, transports and logistics, manufacturing, mining and more. See how Private Networks are making a dedicated difference.

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Pressed for time?

Read our two-page summary to see how Cellnex is helping customers embrace a smarter and more connected future.

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Build your business case

Private 4G and 5G networks sit at the heart of digital transformation across large and complex facilities. We take a deep dive into the use cases and commercial benefits, and see why organisations choose to partner with Cellnex.

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Connect the future with Cellnex

As a UK Critical National Infrastructure Provider and one of Europe’s leading telecommunication companies, Cellnex has deployed more Private Networks than anyone else.

For more on our bespoke, end-to-end solutions book a meeting with our experts at PrivateNetworks@cellnextelecom.co.uk