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  • 19 May 2016
  • ·
  • Technology

Real 4K UHD TDT broadcasts from Torrespaña are the hot topic at the Cellnex Telecom stand at BIT Broadcast 2016

  • The company will broadcast 4K UHD images from Torrespaña that can be picked up in Madrid and its metropolitan area. This will be the first time the entire city will receive a broadcast of this nature
  • The Cellnex Telecom stand will present solutions for Hybrid DTT and OTT such as the Start Over application which allows viewers to roll back to the beginning of any programme on air at the press of a button on the remote.
  • Cellnex Telecom will take part in the programme of talks, in which experts from the company will present the operator’s point of view on issues like the present and future of the HbbTV standard, Over The Top services and the situation of the audiovisual sector following the World Radiocommunication Conference

Barcelona, 19 May 2016.
This year Cellnex Telecom will again take part in Bit Broadcast, the Professional Audiovisual Technology Fair to be held at IFEMA in Madrid from 24 to 26 May. This year, Europe’s leading independent operator of wireless communications infrastructure will be at stand 12C10, Hall 14, to present its latest advances in research in the audiovisual sector, which cover usage habits, spectrum efficiency and new viewer services. Cellnex will perform various demonstrations at its stand, allowing visitors to see at first hand the main technological trends in the audiovisual field.

DTT is ready for ultra high definition

4K UHD from Torrespaña: This edition of Bit Broadcast will be the perfect showcase for Cellnex to broadcast various recorded contents in 4K UHD from Torrespaña, such as the opera filmed at the Teatro Real in Madrid on 21 April 2016. This programme, broadcast in DTT from Torrespaña, will be received in Madrid and its metropolitan area on channel 32, modulated in DVB-T2 and encoded in HEVC, marking the first time that such a broadcast has been made available to the entire city.

Recording this opera in 4K was the result of a joint effort between the RTVE Chair and Hispasat, which are working together with Cellnex to promote this technology within the Spanish audiovisual sector, involving all stakeholders in the value chain, from 4K production to manufacturing receivers, and using signal transmission.

The most advanced DTT broadcast: At the Cellnex Telecom stand it will be possible to view 4K UHD content modulated in DVB-T2 with Wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range using Dolby Vision technology and a television set equipped with WCG and HDR Dolby Vision.

Live DTT in 4K UHD:  There will also be a demonstration of a live broadcast of 4K UHD signal with mixing and switching to other 4K UHD signals recorded and encoded in real time in collaboration with Ericsson. The Ericsson stand will feature a Sony 4K camera connected to an HEVC encoder and DVB-T2 transmitter with the contents displayed at the Cellnex Telecom stand.

Hybrid and OTT television services that enrich the viewer’s user experience

Televisions meeting the Hybrid DTT specification, based on the Spanish recommendation of the Digital TV Forum, have enabled production of an increasing number of devices meeting the HbbTV standard. At the Cellnex Telecom stand, visitors will be able to see the latest developments in interactive applications, such as Start Over, which allows viewers to roll back to the beginning of any streamed programme using an HbbTV application.

Cellnex Telecom will also showcase show Over The Top (OTT) applications and services, which give viewers an active role in managing audiovisual content while allowing broadcasters to know more about what is being watched. These applications include video on demand services that can be accessed from HbbTV, PCs and tablets.

One of the noteworthy services that Cellnex is developing for broadcasters in this area is the possibility to measure and analyse content distributed over the Internet.

Cellnex Telecom experts in the BIT Broadcast conference programme

24 May – 16:30 Green Auditorium

Xavi Redón, Product Manager at Cellnex Telecom

HbbTV: state of the art and future developments

25 May – 10:30 Green Auditorium

Xavi Redón, Product Manager at Cellnex Telecom

A future for radio and a radio for the future

25 May – 10:30 Blue Auditorium

Sergi Alsina, Product Manager at Cellnex Telecom

OTT and Hybrid TV services

26 May – 12:30 Green Auditorium

Ramón Salat, Director of Broadcast and Wireless Networks

4K broadcasting

26 May – 10:30 Blue Auditorium

Jaume Pujol, Business Intelligence at Cellnex Telecom

Digital Dividend, looking beyond WRC-15


Number 1 operator of broadcast infrastructures

Cellnex Telecom is the number 1 operator of broadcast infrastructures in Spain, supplying DTT and radio coverage to 99% of the population. The company provides broadcasting services from more than 99 broadcasting centres around Spain, distributing and disseminating multiplexes (MUX) of DTT with national coverage and FM radio signals for local, regional and national public and private broadcasters. It also has the necessary towers and equipment to provide a highly reliable full network operation service with coverage throughout Spain.

Cellnex Telecom also works to promote the audiovisual sector, as a certification body for Hybrid DTT, a system that allows the viewer to navigate through the content that broadcasters place on the Internet, from the television receiver. Likewise, in cooperation with various broadcasters and manufacturers, it is performing pilot tests aimed at promoting the development and implementation of new audiovisual technologies.

The broadcast infrastructure services offered by Cellnex Telecom include: Digital TV (DTT and hybrid DTT), Radio, Operations and maintenance services, Connectivity, Internet Media, and finally, Engineering and Consulting.

Cellnex Telecom is one of Europe’s main independent operators of wireless telecommunications broadcasting infrastructures.

It offers sites to rent for telecommunications operators and provides the most advanced audiovisual services to national, regional and local broadcasters.

It also develops solutions in the “smart city” projects field and has rolled out a smart communications network making it possible to connect objects and develop a strong ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Spain.

Cellnex Telecom also plays a key role in rolling out telecommunications networks for security and emergency forces.

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