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  • 17 Jul 2016
  • ·
  • Solutions

Baleària provies secure, free, quality internet on the Ibiza-Formentera line

  • The new service, developed by Cellnex Telecom, is being installed in three vessels and will also allow passengers to buy their tickets on board.
  • The technical solution is based on creating a Wimax network created by Cellnex, comprising four base stations connected by digital radio-relays that concentrate all traffic on the Cellnex San Juan Batista


Baleària has recently completed implementation of a comprehensive communication service on three vessels plying its Ibiza-Formentera ferry line. From today its customers can enjoy secure, free, quality internet. The signal also allows the shipping company to issue tickets on board the vessel, for the first time. This project, a pioneer in Spain, is run by Cellnex Telecom. For the first time in our country, the company provides a wifi signal to a ship on a sea journey from terrestrial repeater stations installed at strategic locations.

From today users of the Baleària Ibiza-Formentera shipping line can have free, secure, quality and uninterrupted internet access. This was announced by the shipping company. The passengers travelling on this line will be able to enjoy a wifi connection using an internet portal.

The new service has been installed on three high-speed ferries; the “Maverick,” “Maverick Dos” (both with a capacity to transport 354 people) and the “Formentera Direct” (carrying up to 300 users).

The shipping company will also use the new wireless network to sell tickets on board, something that until now was only possible at the ticket office.

In this way Baleària is responding to two demands from its users: to buy tickets on board and to have free internet. According to Joan Serra, Baleària delegate in Ibiza and Formentera, the shipping company has launched this service because “we are a company that is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. As we are aware of what our users want, we have embarked on this adventure to respond to the demands of people asking for this kind of connection on this route, which carries one and a half million passengers a year”.

The technical solution, a pioneer in Spain

This is a pioneering project in Spain. It is the first time that a wireless internet signal has been provided to a shipping line from land-based posts. Until now this type of journey was provided internet access via 3G or satellite signal.

Wimax network

The project was designed and implemented by Cellnex Telecom. The technical solution is based on the creation of a Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) network. This is a data transmission standard that uses radio waves at frequencies of 2.5 – 5.8 GHz with a coverage of up to 50 kilometres.

In this specific case, the WIMAX network created by Cellnex comprises four base stations. It connects via digital radio and all traffic is concentrated at a single point in the Cellnex San Juan Bautista repeater. The equipment was installed there to enable the service of the WIFI access portal. Passengers will be identified in a simple and secure way to be able to access the internet.

David Sanz, in charge of Cellnex Telecom operations in the area of Valencia, Murcia and the Balearic Islands, explained that “we needed to install radio frequency links to connect base stations to a Cellnex Telecom concentration point with the technology to provide greater reliability in the event of third-party interference. At the same time, we installed two internet access points in the three vessels plying the Ibiza-Formentera route. That way, we can ensure the quality and security of the service.”

Uninterrupted service

Mr Sanz made it clear that there would be no interruptions in service. “We are convinced that this solution will ensure users do not experience interruptions in the service right to the end of their journey thanks to the automatic synchronisation of the base stations.”

About Baleària

Baleària is a leader shipping company in passenger and cargo transport connections with the Balearic Islands and one of the largest operators in the Strait of Gibraltar; it also operates international lines in the Caribbean and North Africa, two areas in which it has an ambitious expansion plan.

The company, which has a fleet of 25 ships, is a benchmark for service, innovation and social responsibility in the Spanish shipping sector.

The shipping company operates more than 20 daily services between Ibiza and Formentera in high season with five ships.

About Cellnex Telecom

Cellnex Telecom is Europe’s leading independent operator of wireless communications infrastructure. It operates in Spain, Italy, Netherlands and France and has a portfolio of more than 16,000 locations.

It offers customers the space they need at the various centres to install and maintain their communications network equipment and perform wireless voice and data transmission. It also provides the most advanced audiovisual services to national, regional and local broadcasters.

It also develops solutions in the “smart city” projects field that optimise services for the public, through networks and services that facilitate municipal management.

Cellnex Telecom also plays a key role in rolling out security and emergency networks for security forces.

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