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Corporate documents

Corporate Bylaws. Last registration in the Mercantile Registry on 10 May 2022 Icon Image Icon Image
Regulations of the General Shareholders’ Meeting approved on 29 March 2021 Icon Image Icon Image
Board of Directors Regulations approved on 24 March 2022 Icon Image Icon Image
Internal Code of Conduct dated 27 October 2021 Icon Image Icon Image

Board of directors

Corporate governanceDesignation dateCategoryShareholder representedNationalityComittees
Bertrand Boudewijn Kan 16/04/2015 (Re-election 31/05/2018, 28/04/2022)IndependentThe NetherlandsARMC
Chief Executive Office
Tobias Martínez Gimeno 17/11/2014 (Re-election 30/06/2016, 09/05/2019, 28/04/2022)ExecutiveSpain
Other Members
Pierre Blayau 16/04/2015 (Re-election 31/05/2018, 28/04/2022)IndependentFranceNRSC
Anne Bouverot 31/05/2018 (Re-election 28/04/2022)IndependentFranceARMC
Marieta del Rivero Bermejo 27/04/2017 (Re-election 21/07/2020)IndependentSpainNRSC
María Luisa Guijarro Piñal 31/05/2018 (Re-election 28/04/2022)IndependentSpainNRSC
Peter Shore 16/04/2015 (Re-election 31/05/2018, 28/04/2022)IndependentAustralia - United KingdomARMC
Christian Coco 02/04/2020 (Re-election 21/07/2020)ProprietaryEdizione S.R.L. - Connect Due S.R.L.GermanyNRSC
Alexandra Reich 16/12/2020 (Re-election 29/03/2021)ProprietaryGIC Private Limited - Lisson Grove Investment Private LimitedAustriaNRSC
Kate Holgate 28/07/2021 (Re-election 28/04/2022)IndependentUnited KingdomARMC
Non-Executive Secretary
Jaime Velázquez Vioque 31/12/2019
Non-Directorial Vice-Secretary
Virginia Navarro Virgós 26/09/2019

Board of Directors Committees

CategoryData AppointmentPosition
Leonard Peter Shore Independent16/02/2017President
Bertrand Boudewijn Kan Independent16/02/2017
Anne Bouverot Independent27/09/2018
Kate Holgate Independent28/07/2021
Virginia Navarro 29/10/2019Secretary
CategoryData AppointmentPosition
Marieta del Rivero Independent27/07/2017President
Christian Coco Proprietary24/03/2022
Pierre Blayau Independent16/02/2017
María Luisa Guijarro Independent27/09/2018
Alexandra Reich Proprietary16/12/2020
Virginia Navarro 19/02/2021Secretary

Website upgrade

The Board of Directors of Cellnex Telecom, S.A., in accordance with article 11 bis of the Spanish Companies Law, has agreed to modify the Company’s corporate website, which is currently located at and will henceforth have the following address:

Likewise, and in accordance with the provisions of articles 11 bis.3 and 11 ter.3 of the Spanish Companies Law, the Board of Directors has agreed to maintain the resolution modifying the Company’s website published on the corporate website for thirty (30) days.

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Code of Ethics Icon Document Icon Document

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Policy for the Whistleblowing Channel Icon Document Icon Document
Complaint form Whistleblowing Channel Icon Document Icon Document

Board members and Senior management

Bertrand Boudewijn Kan 0,0050,0000,005
Chief Executive OfficeDirectIndirectTotal
Tobias Martínez Gimeno 0,0230,0000,023
Pierre Blayau 0,0000,0010,001
Anne Bouverot 0,0010,0000,001
Marieta del Rivero Bermejo 0,0000,0000,000
María Luisa Guijarro Piñal 0,0000,0000,000
Peter Shore 0,0000,0000,000
Christian Coco 0,0000,0000,000
Alexandra Reich 0,0000,0000,000
Kate Holgate 0,0000,0000,000

This information is available at the CNMV website

This information is available at the CNMV website

Treasury stock

In compliance with the obligation to communicate and update Cellnex’s treasury shares position, the Company keeps its information updated on the CNMV website

Acces to the CNMV

Shareholders’ agreements

Edizione sends details about the novation agreement of the coinvestment agreement in relation of Cellnex, on 17 July 2020 Icon Document Icon Document
Amendement of certain terms and conditions of the coinvestment agreement on Cellnex Telecom, S.A. entered into between Atlantia, S.p.A., Edizione, S.r.l. (and its subsisidiaries Sintonia, S.p.A. and ConnecT, S.p.A.) Icon Document Icon Document
Framework agreement of 22 May 2020 between Sintonia, Infinity and Raffles Icon Document Icon Document
Agreement signed on 24 July 2018 between Edizione, Atlantia S.p.A., Sintonia S.p.A. and ConnecT. Icon Document Icon Document

Other agreements

Board of Directors Agreement, on March 19th 2015 Icon Document Icon Document